Imagine the convenience of having everything you need right at your doorstep! Cloud Residences proudly features a Cash and Carry store on the lower ground floor, bringing unparalleled ease and accessibility to your daily life.

Living in a building with a Cash and Carry at a lift distance, offers significant benefits. No more long drives or time-consuming trips for essential groceries and household items – everything is just an elevator ride away. This convenience not only saves you time but also ensures that you have quick access to fresh produce, daily essentials, and a wide range of products whenever you need them. With a well-stocked store within your building, you can enjoy a stress-free, comfortable lifestyle, making spontaneous shopping trips and last-minute needs effortlessly. Embrace the luxury of having all your necessities right at your fingertips, enhancing your living experience at Cloud Residences.

Mumtaz City, Islamabad

Cloud Residences

  • Total Area
    6 kanals

  • Status
    Under Construction

  • Total Floors

  • Apartments/Shops