Injuries and illnesses can occur unexpectedly and it’s best to be prepared for any situation. Although minor scratches or a minor flu may not require a trip to the emergency room, it can still be a source of inconvenience. In this situation, having a pharmacy in close vicinity comes extremely handy and can be huge blessing.

Cloud Tower-1 by The Cloud Services, aims to provide all the modern conveniences needed for a convenient and healthy lifestyle. One of the most useful amenities amongst others is a pharmacy to ensure your best health and comfort, we are providing a one-of-a-kind mix of pharmacy and doctor’s facility in the Cloud Tower-1 building. The pharmacy remains open 24/7. Our efficient team of pharmacists and doctor strive to provide prompt and immediate service during working hours to ensure your good health.

A comprehensive and well-organized first aid kit is  always available in our pharmacy in case of any emergency. To provide complete care and treatment for residents of, a standard set of medical equipment i.e., hospital stretchers, blankets, sterilizers are always available in our pharmacy/health facility. We also ensure the availability of quality drug products and health care supplies.

Our pharmacy will also serve the community as a valuable health care resource, providing a triage function referring sick persons to concerned health professionals in serious cases, or providing advice and counsel for self-medication with non-prescription drugs/other therapies. It will also function as a wellness Centre providing drug information, advice and products to promote the maintenance of a healthy and a fit lifestyle.

CDA Sector B-17, Islamabad

Cloud Tower-1

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    12 kanals

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    Pre Launch

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