Injuries and illnesses can occur unexpectedly and it’s best to be prepared for any situation. Although minor scratches or a minor flu may not require a trip to the emergency room, it can still be a source of inconvenience. In this situation, having a pharmacy in close vicinity comes in extremely handy and can be a huge blessing.

Cloud Tower-1 in Block-G of Sector B-17, MPCHS Islamabad, aims to provide all the modern conveniences needed for a convenient and healthy lifestyle. One of the most useful amenities among others is a pharmacy to ensure your best health and comfort, we are providing a one-of-a-kind mix of pharmacy and doctor’s facilities in the Cloud Tower-1 building. The pharmacy remains open 24/7 with doctor available. Our efficient team of pharmacists and doctors strive to provide prompt and immediate service during working hours to ensure your good health.

A comprehensive and well-organized first aid kit is always available in our pharmacy in case of any emergency. Pharmacy meets all of our residents medication and healthcare essentials including standard prescriptions and compound prescriptions for ointments, creams, sterile eye, injections, ear drops and oral liquid medication. To provide complete care and treatment for residents of Cloud Tower-1, a standard set of medical equipment, i.e., hospital stretchers, blankets, and sterilizers are always available in our pharmacy/health facility. We also ensure the availability of quality drug products and health care supplies.

Our qualified team of doctors and pharmacists dispense medications, ensuring residents understand how they should be taken and what the side effects are.

Our pharmacy also serves the community as a valuable health care resource, providing a triage function referring sick persons to concerned health professionals in serious cases, or providing advice and counsel for self-medication with non-prescription drugs/other therapies. It also functions as a wellness center providing drug information, advice and products to promote the maintenance of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Cloud Tower-1 Pharmacy is fully accredited, accepts medical plans and offers professional advice, education, and efficient and friendly service to our residents.

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To summarize, Cloud Tower-1 in Sector B-17 of MPCHS Islamabad is a significant opportunity for the people living in Islamabad real estate, as well as citizens of other cities who fancy a healthy and safe living, a profitable and secure future investment. Cloud Tower-1 is to provide a high-quality, safe environment that meets the diverse needs of the healthy lifestyle of the residents of Cloud Tower-1 apartments for sale in B 17 Islamabad. We offer a supportive and stimulating environment where families can live safely and healthily. Come invest your future with us. Contact us at +92 340 311 3333 and more information can be found on our website for Cloud Tower-1 and The Cloud Services.

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