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Cloud Tower-1 is a 27 floor Apartment Building on 12 kanal piece of land located perfectly at Block-G of B-17, Multi-Gardens, comprising of Studio, 1, 2, 3 bed and Penthouse / Duplex Apartments. It will spread over an area of 860,000 sq.ft., including over 14,000 sq.ft. area planned for gym and 4 floors reserved for car parking. We will be offering such facilities which are available in very few residential buildings Islamabad.

Cloud Tower-1 exudes refinement and prestige, with beautifully appointed finishes and world-class amenities at every turn. With a range of premium facilities and outdoor spaces unlike anything seen in the area, from amazing skywalk and green rooftops, to exclusive observatory specially designed for star gazing and hassle-free carparking areas, every detail has been carefully considered to treat residents to the finest at-home experiences befitting of such a prestigious address

Cloud Tower-1 Developers- The Cloud Services

The Cloud Services aims to provide long-term value for the Customers and has set new standards with an iconic project of Luxury Apartments in Islamabad. Cloud Tower-1, a modern accommodation fit for royalty. A one-of-a-kind investment project in Real Estate and a unique experience for each of the homeowners. Sleek modern design, cutting-edge amenities, and stunning views of the city, these Residential Flats in Islamabad evoke a sense of well-being and refinement. Currently, luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad at Cloud Tower-1, MPCHS Multi Gardens, B-17 Islamabad.

Cloud Tower-1 Features:

Scenic Views:

90 percent bedrooms and all living rooms have one full wall comprising of huge glass Windows. All

Passages will end at large glass windows, the main passage of each floor will have a 42 feet wide huge

window showing beautiful view of the skyline to residents and visitors passing through.

Community Living:

Our services cater residents of all ages. We have planned Day Care Centers, indoor and outdoor play

areas for children, separate gyms for both ladies and gents, open air walking tracks, senior citizens’

Lounge where older people can meet each other, mosque and community hall (for your events) for our




Building consists of two pools of lifts comprising of total 10 lifts (including two cargo lifts) exclusively

for residents, Separate parking and drop lanes, 4 floors reserved for car parking, Separate path for cargo decks and garbage collection with visiting driver’s rooms.


The building is designed with Separate entrance lobbies for studio, one bed apartments and 2, 3 bed

apartments. Apartments’ entrance doors do not face entrance doors of any other apartment. Similarly,

majority of windows do not face windows of other apartments’ windows. Few windows which face other

apartment windows, have a distance of 42 feet between them with a wide and angular view.

Permanent Residence:

Apartments are designed with terraces, store rooms, service balconies, spacious rooms and living rooms,

Minimum room size in each apartment is 12 by 14 feet excluding wardrobes, and every room will have


Minimum operational & Management Cost:

All apartments will have independent cooling and heating arrangements, air conditioners fixing spots

for every room have been specified.

Energy Efficiency:

Double glazed windows with Argon gas filling, all passages will have windows at the end and 42 feet

wide window in the main passage. Day Light Harvesting, Cross Ventilation, Passive Energy Utilization,

and Rain Water Harvesting Independent Air Conditioning are key points

Smart Building:

Cloud Tower-1 lights and smart fans will be installed in common areas. Smart entrances, solar powered lights

in open air spaces will also be placed. Smart apartment solutions can be provided on demand of


Voice & Data Connectivity:

Fiber connectivity will be installed on all floors of the building. In-building solutions for better mobile

phone coverage are being introduced for the first time in any residential building of the country.

Observatory & Sky Walk:

Observatory and sky walk with a rooftop restaurant is being introduced for the very first time in Pakistan.

Cloud Tower-1 USP’s



Senior Citizen Lounge

Our elders are the most cherish-able assets of our society. Yet, many seniors find it difficult to fill their days with meaningful activity. They practice little or very less social engagement and are more prone to social isolation than younger people. To overcome this situation, Cloud Tower-1 is ensuring the recreation and social well-being of our respected elders. With the intention to provide senior citizens with the best community living in an apartment set up, Cloud Tower-1 has introduced the Senior Citizen’s Lounge for the very first time in any building in Pakistan, because we care about comfort and convenience of our residents from all age groups. Its purpose is to serve the best interests of the building’s seniors, to develop social interest and feelings of true value within the apartment building.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Lounge:

Here are a few benefits that come with having a Senior Citizen Lounge in an apartment complex:

Senior citizens are more isolated than younger ones and it can be difficult for them to make new friends. Senior citizen lounges can be a source of fun and refreshment for senior citizens. They can take advantage of social opportunities that let them share and connect with others who live in the same building as well.

Many seniors suffer from chronic boredom after retiring from a lifelong career. Our senior loved ones need to participate in activities that engage their mind. The senior citizen lounge in Cloud Tower-1 is well equipped with a range of activities and entertainment options for the elderly. They can spend their free time with friends playing different games or watching their favorite shows together.

Generally, seniors are more stressed than their younger counterparts and they frequently worry about their finances, health conditions, and other issues. They certainly need a break from everyday stress and nothing can be more comforting than the place that is entirely dedicated to them. Senior citizen lounge is a space safe for seniors where they can be free from stress and enjoy themselves.

Features of Senior Citizen lounge:

A Senior citizen’s lounge is located on the 3rd floor of Cloud Tower-1 building sizing around 2500 square feet having double height roof at around 18 feet and also has wheelchair access. Following are some noteworthy and extraordinary features of the Senior Citizen lounge.

  • Spacious club-like hall with generously sized glass windows that provides picturesque views of
  • Margalla Hills at a height of 60ft.
  • Comfortable armchairs and newspaper racks on the window sides for seniors to rest and read the
  • newspaper and other literature.
  • Some restaurant-style tables are placed with board games e.g. Ludo, Chess, and Carrom board
  • for the entertainment of the elderly.
  • Drawing-room style sofas with widescreen LED for watching favorite shows and engaging in
  • general conversation.
  • A coffee counter to serve the members coffee, drinks, and snacks.
  • Lastly, a prayer hall is planned a few steps from the lounge to ensure the comfort and ease of
  • senior citizens.

It is a concept that is still unique in Pakistan’s real estate. Senior citizens are an important part of us

society and we must take care of their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Cloud Tower-1 has

placed a lot of importance on this factor and has provisioned for a unique Senior Citizen Lounge aiming

to offer a well-rounded experience in Islamabad real estate.


One of the Country’s largest Gym facility in any residential apartment building. Cloud Tower-1 has

introduced a Gym facility with a covered area of 14,000 square feet, up at the height of 60 feet from

ground and having double height roof at around 18 feet, equipped with state of the art gym equipment

and tools. It also offers orthodox as well as unorthodox fitness regimes under the supervision of trained

instructors. The Cloud Tower-1 has introduced an independent gym facility for ladies and gents. In one building wing, it is providing Gym Facility for gents only along with Steam Room, Sauna, Lockers and Changing Area, Showers and Toilet Area, and Martial Art Room. Similarly in other building wing, it is providing a mirror image of Gym Facility for ladies only along with Steam Room, Sauna, Lockers and Changing Area, Showers and Toilet Area, and Aerobic Room. It therefore, provide our residents with an ultimate luxury, a unique comfort and convenience.

Makes you part of the community:

Modern apartment buildings in Pakistan, particularly those in the upscale or luxury category, tend to

provide a wide range of amenities. Cloud Tower-1 is no exception to this trend. If you’re looking for a

new apartment, you’ve probably noticed that each building has a unique set of amenities. As such, it can

be difficult to know which ones you’ll actually end up using while others go unutilized.

One amenity that may benefit you more than you realize and has the greatest appeal is a fitness center.

A healthy living experience goes a long way in persuading potential homeowners of investing in any

residential complex. Renters are also drawn to the promise of a wellness-inspired lifestyle. There are

plenty of benefits that come with having a gym in the apartment complex you live in.

Saves you money:

A key reason people fail to go to the gym is that they want to go home after they have long tiring day. If your apartment building has a gym, you will no longer have an excuse to skip your workout. This will make you happier and healthier in the long run.

Ease of access:

A monthly gym membership usually involves more than just extra costs. It means another trip out of the

house – and the costs and time involved in travelling. You’ll never have to worry about access again if

your apartment building has a gym. You’ll pay no extra money to travel the gym, and you can go whenever it’s convenient for you. If you struggle with motivation, this ease of access may be beneficial.

Cloud Tower-1 fitness facility:

Cloud Tower-1 is offering a gym on half of the skyscraper’s third floor. This 14,000 sq. ft. facility splits

into two gyms on the right and left sides of the park. Each gym is located on separate sides of the building and is dedicated for the use of ladies and gents respectively providing complete privacy. For the convenience of residents, the main gym is divided into three sections:

  • The first area consists of all of the standard workout equipment found in any world-class gym,
  • such as treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and upright bikes.
  • In the center area of the gym, there are free weight tools for workout.
  • The end area of the gym is dedicated to all the bodybuilding machines.
  • Both gyms also have a dedicated room that can be used for multiple activities and classes like
  • martial arts for men and yoga and aerobics.

Smart Parking:

If you own a car, a parking space is an important factor to consider when buying an apartment in an

apartment complex. Even if you don’t own a car right now, you could perhaps be planning ahead just in



Parking away from your home can be inconvenient and costly, but it may be inevitable if your building

does not have a parking lot. To overcome this situation, Cloud Tower-1 is introducing a multi-story

spacious parking space. A parking area that stretches over four floors and is only reserved for us

residents. It is also easy to access your vehicle and the lot can handle almost all vehicle types.


Cloud Tower-1 has planned to install a smart, dynamic and secure parking management system for all

the residents to ensure their safety and convenience, in order to reduce the possibility of any untoward

incident. The Cloud Tower-1 parking lot management system uses a smart card or ticket to identify the

vehicles exiting or entering the parking lot. These security cards prevent any theft or unauthorized access

to the parking area facility.


The car parking area is quite spacious and can accommodate an estimated 450 cars. Moreover, CCTV

cameras are installed to cover every inch of the parking area to ensure our residents’ vehicle safety. Our

24/7 support team is always available to quickly resolve any issues that do arise, reducing our residents’

parking headaches and keeping their safety and comfort a top priority at all times.

Cloud Tower-1 Booking Method:

For privacy and safety, Cloud Tower-1 offers separate residential and commercial entrances. Upon entering the building an articulately designed reception welcomes and guides you to the large lift lobby, where speedy lifts are working round the clock to take you to your desired destination. To check apartment availability Visit: or contact us on +92 348 111 5505.

Luxury Real Estate & Permanent residence: Redefined






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