Active mums with toddlers and young kids require a breath of fresh air and some much needed relaxation from time to time from their hectic routines. For working parents, it becomes even more important to have a facility that can provide the right environment and necessary efforts to develop and nurture their young ones. On the other hand, kids need some time out from their home to socialize and play, a necessary step towards their physical, social, emotional and mental development.  A day care centre Islamabad or play area provides children with opportunities to play and socialize with other kids their age. Interacting with others teaches them how to share, play and learn all the while grooming them to become better leaders and team players.

At Cloud Tower-1, we understand that families have enough going on in their lives, and we strive to provide complete services for our residents  convenience. That’s why, Best Day care Centre Islamabad facility is offered on the exciting social and recreational level that ensures all the great in-house facilities for kids. The facility is divided into two sections. One half is for toddlers, while the other is for young kids. The Day Care centre is self-contained, with dedicated personnel and amenities. It is well-lit and adequately ventilated with large glass windows, having a scenic view of Margalla Hills in sector B-17 Islamabad. There are also washrooms exclusive to the daycare center.

The following features of the day care centre Islamabad at Cloud Tower-1, the apartment complex in B17 Islamabad reflect the values and needs that are at the heart of working mums and residents.

Safe and Secure Environment

Safety, environment and accessibility are important to take into consideration while choosing a place where you can trust your kids with. Our daycare center includes childproofing, food safety practices, a well-kept and maintained play space with sets of toys and constant supervision. We ensure the safety of our residents  child by providing a facility with a secured location with CCTV and safe amenities that help develop your kids physically and mentally.


At Cloud  Tower-1, we aim to accommodate and take care of all our residents. We know that there is no one size fits all option for our families when it comes to early childhood education and care. That is why we are giving families the freedom to choose which hours best suit their needs. Caregivers and teachers are present in the building to take care of your child while you’re busy.  We support all parents regardless of their hectic schedule.

A Caring, Stimulating Environment For Kids

A positive, stimulating environment is a fundamental feature of our daycare. Children can indulge in a variety of activities in the indoor play area, such as those found in KFC and McDonalds, as well as other activities; such as board games, art and handcraft based on the interests of different age groups of children.

Having dedicated time for reading is another activity that encourages healthy growth and development. That’s why our daycare center is stocked with a wide variety of books for children. There is a sitting area for parents, as well as a kiosks selling children’s delicacies, coffee or snacks for waiting parents to pass the time.

Cloud Tower-1 is to provide high-quality, safe and flexible childcare that meets the diverse needs of working families of Cloud Tower-1 apartment building in B17 Islamabad.  We offer a supportive and stimulating environment where children can play, learn, and grow. Come invest your future with us. Contact us on +92 340 311 3333 and more information can be found on our website for Cloud Tower-1 and The Cloud Services

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