Buying a property is most likely the most expensive purchase you will ever make. And, as with any significant investment, you must understand the process to make informed, smart choices about your financial future.

If you’re like most people, you have many questions, some of which you may think are too simple or silly to ask. However, as the proverb goes, there are no stupid questions. Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions from first-time homebuyers in Islamabad.

How do I determine how much property I can afford?

This is the most crucial question. It will affect your life every day after you close on your property, mainly if you overestimate. When calculating your budget, consider ALL costs: home maintenance, property taxes and insurance, and monthly expenses. You’re more likely to fail if you stretch yourself too thin. Another school of thought holds that the cost of your property should not exceed 2.5 times your annual net salary. It is preferable to live in a smaller house while still having financial room to breathe. Because let’s face it, you have other monthly obligations and want to have some margin in case of unexpected expenses.

How do I know if I’m ready to buy a property?

While there is no single sign that a person is ready for property ownership, there are a few indicators that it may be your time. If you enjoy your current location and intend to stay for a little while, you may be ready to settle and purchase a home. If you have a savings plan that allows you to pay down debt and save a small nest egg, you may be prepared for the financial aspect of homeownership. Finally, if you’ve gotten pretty handy around the house, you might be ready for the upkeep of owning a home.

Should I buy a property that is still under construction or one ready to move?

Homes under construction are less expensive, but there is a chance that the construction will be delayed, delaying possession. Suppose you are currently renting a house and are considering investing in an under-construction property. In that case, you will have to pay that much more rent before moving in. However, because of the longer timelines, they provide higher returns. You may profit from the higher market value if you sell it when it is entirely constructed.

Ready-made units, on the other hand, are immediately available if you want to live in the home right away and don’t want to spend any more money on rental accommodation.

What features does the property offer?

Inquire whether the society has community facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, garden terrace, daycare center, modern CCTV systems, etc.

Suppose a residential society or apartment complex like Cloud Villa has implemented end-to-end security, communication, internal management, and passcode-based, automated, secure gatekeeping. In that case, it is considered an upgraded and tech-savvy estate.

Are you looking to buy an apartment in B-17 MPCHS Islamabad? Are you a first-time buyer in Islamabad Real Estate? If that’s the case, the answers to the frequently asked questions above should help you feel more prepared for the process. If you’re not sure where to start with your ideal home, contact us on +92 340 311 3333 or our website for Cloud Tower-1 and our agents will help you with customized investment plans and answer your query.

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