The price of fuel and electricity has risen dramatically in recent weeks. Many homes in Pakistan may have to pay extra for energy because of the price increase and the energy crisis. While all sectors suffer the impact, the residential real estate market is taking the most hits. Disruption to economic output has an effect on employment, which in turn has an impact on the rise of expendable income in households.

Impact of the Fuel Crisis on Real Estate

As fuel costs rise, the real estate market may suffer. Rising fuel costs may discourage home buying and rent for certain people, which will be a problem for many landlords.

There is no hard evidence linking higher gas prices to fewer home purchases. Still, people will be more aware of their rising out-of-pocket expenses, which will likely affect their housing decisions.

Impact of Electricity Crisis on Real Estate

If you own undeveloped land and await redevelopment and other clearances, such as electricity supply, you should be concerned as interest rates rise.

It will be difficult for developers to finalize construction plans. As a whole, the following year is likely to see a significant drop in the development of new commercial property due to the high-interest rate environment, construction inflation, planning approval delays, and utility supply issue.

Numerous property companies have decided to hire energy specialists full-time to cope with the practical challenges posed by the current electrical crisis.

But property investors have some chances in the “threat” of an electrical shortage. Rents can go up due to a rise in demand for housing because of a drop in the number of new construction projects. As a consequence, it’s possible to consider refurbishing older structures. Existing structures typically have installed utilities and are zoned for their intended use. Property owners will renovate the older properties in their portfolios so that they are better able to compete with brand new construction.

Bottom line

Energy-efficient technology was once considered a luxury by real estate investors but is now a necessity. Because of the technology’s high price, developers will have to charge higher rents to make a profit. But don’t worry, Cloud Villas is proud to offer luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad real estate at affordable prices.

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