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In the heart of Margalla hills, B-17 Islamabad is a residential society, established by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society. The Margalla hills bid a calm atmosphere and spectacular scenery to its inhabitants. Prices of property in this society have risen to provide a better gain to the people who invested there early. Multi gardens was inaugurated in 2004, one of the fastest growing sectors that are developed in Zone II of Islamabad. This society is situated at a strategic location, from one side connected with the Grand Trunk Road and from the other side meets the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, the single way from North. Many of the residential communities like the Blue World City, University town, and the Islamabad International Airport are just a few kilometers away.


Furthermore, B-17 is located near other well-established and highly valuable societies. Metro bus station is also planned to be stretched to the close vicinity of New International airport Islamabad. Aside from that, CPEC has the potential to provide 0.1 million employments for locals. The Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) have coordinated with the Tianjin University of Technology in China to develop the capacity to supply sufficient human resources for CPEC undertakings. As a result, many new job opportunities will be created, and residents along the B-17 path are most likely to profit.


Because of the numerous benefits that we will discuss below, now is the ideal opportunity to invest in Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad. However, one of the primary reasons is the pre-launch phase of many residential and commercial projects. When these are completed, the cost will be quadrupled.

Features of B-17:

Scenic Views of Magalla Hills:

Islamabad’s beauty is enhanced by the natural splendor of the Margalla Hills. The hills are lush and verdant. Walking and hiking on trails is a relaxing activity. In the high-rise buildings, residents enjoy more scenic views and peace of the atmosphere. Cloud Tower-1 is a high-rise residential project situated in the G-Block of B-17 Islamabad. It is the right time to book your apartment to live a splendid life!


Strategic Location: 

Multi gardens B-17 is present at an ideal location in Islamabad, connected with the GT Road and M1 Motorway. From the North, it is the gateway. Islamabad Peshawar motorway, Sangjani railway, and CPEC route are all within a 40-minute drive. This is much closer to the metropolitan area than other societies such as Bahria Town, Sohan Garden, CBR, and Pakistan Town.


Benchmarking Public Amusement:

Parks are set up in each block for the amusement of B-17 inhabitants. Adjacent to gate 2 of B-17, there is a park with a lake, where people gather and enjoy with families here. The Multi-Club in B-Block has a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a basketball court, a badminton/tennis court, hotel rooms, a large parking lot, and a marriage hall. In Block C, there is a zoo where various species of animals and birds are prevalent. For the people’s comfort, state of the art mosques are built in each block. Also, the medical facilities and shops to assist the occupants in each manner.


Educational Institutes:

Educational institutes are accountable for the systematic exchange of information, skills, and societal values within a formally integrated network. High schools and universities have been established, making education accessible to the residents. You don’t have to travel far to learn at a higher level; the UET Taxila and COMSATS University Islamabad Wah Campus are only a few kilometers away.


Why invest in B-17?

The housing sector in Pakistan is flourishing at a rapid pace. The main underlying reasons for this spiraling out-of-control trend are increased demand and high return possibilities, and many establishments are taking advantage of the opportunity. The developer of B-17, Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society (MPCHS), is one of the entities accountable for many of Islamabad’s towering structures. The key points that why to invest in B-17 Multi gardens are:

– Ideal Location GT Road

– Scenic views of Margalla hills

– Nearest CDA sector to CPEC, opportunities for jobs are open

– Markets, medical center, parks, zoos, and educational institutes

– Access to M-1 motorway


About Cloud Tower-1:

Cloud Tower-1 is a high-rise residential project that is planned in the G-Block of B-17 Islamabad. On the whole, in B-17, G-Block is the ideal location because of its nearness to M1 Motorway, the CPEC route, and New Islamabad International Airport. It is a complete residential project spread over an area of 860,000 sq. ft. comprising of studios, 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed, Duplex apartments, and Penthouses. Providing a luxurious lifestyle by introducing high-class amenities in the project and making it a smart building. To know more about Cloud Tower-1, Visit:



What is the total land area of B17 Islamabad?

MPCHS B-17 Islamabad was founded in 2004 in Islamabad Zone II and stretches over 16000 Kanal land surrounded by Margalla Hills.

Is B17 a suburb in Islamabad?

B-17 is the fastest developing sector in Zone II of Islamabad Capital Territory’s.


Which investment provides the greatest yield in Pakistan?

For a variety of factors, the property/real estate industry is the most secure and profitable venture in Pakistan. For example, the rise of real estate began in 2005, and it has been continuously prospering since then.


What exactly are construction and real estate?

Based on its market, real estate can be divided into three general categories: residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Construction can be described as the process or action of developing a structure, most commonly a building/society etc.


Is the B-17 a smart buy?

It is a well-planned community with stunning vistas of the Margalla Hills. Multi Gardens B-17 is the best investment choice for investors because of its outstanding location and world-class development.



Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad is the finest business choice for investors due to its excellent location and world-class development. B-17 is MPCHS’s biggest undertaking in terms of size. The area includes modern conveniences that guarantee a pleasant and luxurious lifestyle. It is a well-planned community with stunning views of the Margalla Hills. B-17 Islamabad is the finest business choice for investors due to its strategically strong location and world-class development. One of the unique projects is Cloud Tower-1, a complete residential project taking care of people’s privacy, security, convenience, and community interaction. Grab the Opportunity and invest in Cloud Tower-1 to experience the luxury under one roof.


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