Staying Safe in your Home

Home safety is all about the potential dangers and risks awareness inside or outside the home that can be a reason of any physical injury, harm or death for those who reside in it.  Staying safe in your home refers to the supervision in a safe environment. The children especially always know who and what is safe for them or what is not? You need to avoid common home injuries like burns, falls, drowning, scolding, suffocation, and poisoning. Cloud Tower-1 is a new residential project by The Cloud Services, introducing the concept of home in an apartment building. The apartment size is much larger than the market. Also take care about the safety of its residents by implementing the smart home solution on demand, CCTV surveillance, smart entrances and car parking.

Implementation of safety is tough, but necessary to do. Safety is a broad concept, and unfortunately people adopt the different techniques that are not helping them to make their home a secure place. To stay safe in your home you must implement some rules. Let’s discuss these rules in detail.

Rule 1: Never leave the doors open

Home is where we live in tranquillity and serenity with our families. You never let anyone in without your permission. Always keep the doors locked, no matter how decent a neighbourhood or protected community you live in. You can save yourself from the burglary by doing this, and the most essential item to save is your child.

The children are always excited whenever the bell rings at the door, to know who is at the front. And you need to also know that everyone who rings the bell is not well. Always, let the elder person open the door. Never let kids go out without supervision and older kids without permission. You must educate your child not to bring anyone into the house without permission and never to allow anyone to intrude on his or her privacy.


Rule 2: Keep medicines out of children reach

Medication is a matter that should be managed with precautions at home. Nobody should disregard the safety guidelines for storing medications at home. Not only is the medication harmful for children, but it is also dangerous for some people.

Individuals have a variety of issues, some of which, such as psychological issues, lead to suicidal behaviour and attitude. It is suggested that they be provided prescriptions at the time prescribed by the doctor and return them.

 Rule 3: Do not leave the water on floor

Accidents created by the wet surface can have serious repercussions for health, such as spinal injuries. Everyone must be taught at home how important it is to be responsible in order to keep safe. Spills happen regularly in the house and may be inescapable. It is critical to have guidelines in place for controlling damage. It is essential in any house to ensure that everyone understands the risks of a wet floor.

Furthermore, parents and guardians should pay careful attention to the children while they consume. There should be a dedicated area for giving the children, and it should be dried after eating.

 Rule 4: Always be prepared for any Emergency

The accidents are caused without any planning, they are unexpected. But each and every time you must be ready to face and handle the emergency. It is part of the safety rules in home and very serious to make sure that the family is safe. People living in a home must know how to act in any emergency situation like. Short circuit, fire, and etc. Keep your family protected!

 Rule 5: Check the Alarm system working

Alarm systems are intended to notify in the event of a break-in or departure from the usual. There are numerous alarm systems on the market that are intended to satisfy specific demands. For example, smoke alarms beep when they sense smoke from a fire or burnt food. Technology advancements have made it easier to make one’s house safer. There are also motion sensors that can sense motion and notify the owner in places such as the rear of the home. These alarm systems can be linked to cell phones, making it easy for the user to determine whether there is a real reason of concern.

Rule 7: At night, turn on security lights.

This home safety guideline has the goal of protecting the family from possible burglars. Strangers are usually driven by the opportunity to get into your home when it is dark. Lights discourage criminals because they increase the likelihood of being seen.

You may not always be present when the sun goes into to ensure that the lights are switched on. Having a guideline that the lights must be switched on at a specific time, on the other hand, will give you peace of mind that things are going to keep running efficiently in your absence. Creating a safety mindset at home necessitates everyone playing their part. Making it a norm to do things in a certain manner, simplifies things.

Rule 8: Do not share your personal detail via internet

The development of the internet has provided numerous benefits to everyone in terms of improving accessibility and transforming the entire globe into a global village. However, there are numerous dangers hiding on the Internet, and everyone at home should be mindful of them in order to prevent becoming the next person of interest. It is more difficult for parents and caretakers to figure out what their children learn from the Internet in the modern era, when everyone has mobile phones and access to the internet.


By following some of these rules, you can save yourself from any harmful activity. The Cloud Services ensures the safety of a building residents along with providing a luxurious lifestyle. The house provides us protection, safety, and isolation. It is the house that shields us from shifting weather conditions such as rain and cold. The house is an essential part of a person’s life because it is a location where we can unwind and maintain good relationships with our family.

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