Whether you have moved into luxury apartments in Islamabad or already own a studio apartment, you want to feel safe in your home. It’s a basic human right that shouldn’t cost a fortune or be out of reach.

Different factors must be considered regarding the safety of an apartment in Islamabad real estate. There will undoubtedly be some overlap, but if you want to increase the overall quality of your apartment complex security, you should be aware of some simple measures to secure your property.

1. Check the lighting in the building.

It’s possible that the corridors have some dark places or that a few lights have burned out, but your property management may not have informed maintenance of this.

If you or a family member feels threatened by the darkness in any part of your apartment building, you must immediately speak up to the property manager. Consider the common areas of a building, such as corridors, parking lots, storage rooms, stairwells, and mailrooms.

Take notes and discuss the matter with the building administration to enhance security in the complex. Also, while you’re at it, you might want to inquire about the frequency with which keys and key codes are replaced across the building.

2. Set up an alarm and security system

An alarm system in your apartment will make it less appealing to potential burglars and provide you more peace of mind. Doors, windows, and even exits in the event of a fire or emergency can all be fitted with alarm systems for added security.

Installing a high-tech security system on your property could also be a good idea. Since some systems can be managed remotely, you can check in on your home even while you’re not there.

3. Install Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Apartment complexes may have security systems and cameras, but they may not be adequate for your unit. It’s possible that the apartment building’s rules prohibit placing cameras in public areas outside residents’ units.

Investing in a high-quality system like a doorbell camera that is relatively undetectable and continuously records footage is a smart solution for this issue.

4. Lock All Doors

Sliding glass doors are common in flats, especially those with outdoor spaces like balconies or patios. Unfortunately, these doors have a poor reputation regarding apartment security because they are so easy to unlock even when locked.

Sliding-door locks are notoriously easy to pick, so if you want to keep unwanted visitors out, install a security bar in the door’s bottom track made of wood or metal.

Also, you might want to consider reinforcing the doors leading into your flat. Investing in a high-security door lock is another sensible step to make your residence safer.

5. Look to See Who’s Knocking

Before opening the door to anyone, you should know who it is. This is a great strategy to prevent unwanted guests from entering your residence. Make sure you find out who it is and why they rang the buzzer if you live in a building.

Further, always use the peephole on your apartment door to see who is knocking before opening the door. Do not open the door to anyone you do not know, especially if they are not delivering mail, goods, or food.

6. Shut Windows and Doors

Keeping your windows and doors closed may be inconvenient, especially in the spring when you want fresh air, but leaving them open poses a serious security concern.

Keep your apartment secure by keeping all doors and windows closed when you aren’t there and only opening them a crack when you come home.

7. Cover and lock the windows

Put up window coverings like blinds or drapes on your apartment’s windows, and always keep them closed. Keep the curtains drawn to protect your belongings from curious onlookers and potential thieves.

Consider putting a security film on the windows to take your protection to the next level. This is ideal for ground-floor flats since it lets you see outside but prevents others passing by from seeing inside.

Lock your windows at all times. Because so many of us neglect to secure our windows, they are often the initial point of entry for burglars. Securing your entire apartment can be done by closing and locking each window.

8. Evaluate who has access to the keys to your apartment.

It’s still important to reevaluate the situation, even if you’ve recently installed new locks and know who has access to your flat. Make sure that, aside from the landlord or property manager, only persons you trust completely have keys to your home.

9. Lock-Up Immediately

When coming home with a full load of groceries or luggage, diving right into unpacking can be more convenient. On the contrary, you should put down your items and lock the door as soon as possible.

In this way, no one can enter when you turn your back or are in a different room, rendering your other security measures useless.

10. Talk To Your Neighbors

If you want to feel secure in your apartment, getting to know your neighbors is a great first step. When you’re not there, your neighbors may monitor your apartment and vice versa.

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