Why Cloud Tower-1 is a Smart Building?

A smart building entails the installation and use of advanced and integrated building technological systems. Building automation, life safety, telecommunications, user networks, and building management systems are examples of such systems. All of these features are offered in Cloud Tower-1, The Cloud Services’ next big & residential project in G-block of B-17, Islamabad. The intelligence of a smart building accumulates useful data from user devices, sensors, and services on the grounds. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to apply that data makes the building programmable and responsive to the requirements of both customers and building managers.

Essentials of Smart Building Environment

Simply stated, a smart building is any structure that employs ‘smart’ processes to manage and control systems like heating, ventilation, lighting, and air conditioning. A smart building system collects and manages data using IoT sensors to improve the performance of a current building management system. The four top elements that are included in Smart Solutions are:

  • Internet of Things; cameras and devices.
  • Integration.
  • Secure Communication.
  • Focus for Integrated Buildings.

Importance of Smart Building:

The smart building strives to save money, provide improvement of the living conditions, and preserve the natural world. Smart building provides essential trends and patterns throughout workplace behavior, resources, and building have been using, which can then be used to make more effective and efficient choices to enhance overall business, workplace, and building use.


Why Cloud Tower-1 is a Smart Building?

The Cloud Services intends to provide long-term value to customers and has introduces strong benchmarks with an emblematic initiative of Luxury Apartments in Islamabad. Cloud Tower-1 is a modern residence suitable for royalty. These Residential Apartments in Islamabad inspire a feeling of well-being and refinement with their lustrous modern designs, cutting-edge utilities, and stunning city views. The reasons why Cloud Tower-1 is a Smart building are discussed in detail below:

1. Smart Entrances

No one who is not a resident or employee of Cloud Tower-1 is permitted to access the building. Smart entrances are built so that a person must first verify his or her identification by using a Smart card entry. This feature ensures a secure lifestyle for inhabitants and assists in their safety.

2. Smart Car Parking

Cloud Tower-1 resident is given a specific lot to park the car. A smart car parking system will be installed where no one else can park his/her vehicle on your lot and you will not have to locate a parking spot, there will be no parking congestion, and a good management system will be in existence.

3. Smart Opening/Closing of Doors

In public areas, doors automatically open in the presence of any individual and close in their absence. This can be accomplished through the integration of various sensors, and this feature also assists in the protection of residents’ privacy. After determining whether or not the person belongs within that apartment, the apartment doors are opened. To verify the identification, a smart card or other sensor will be integrated.

4. Smart lights and Fan

The sensors are used to manage the lights and fans. When a person enters any part of the building, whether it is his/her room, public spot, passage, or washroom, the lights turn on and off in their absence. Smart solutions can also be used to control and monitor air conditioning systems. Even while not present, a person can remotely switch on/off the room’s lights and air conditioner system. This smart home solution will be provided on customer’s demand.

5. Solar Powered Lights

Outdoor solar lights are powered by solar panels that can be attached to the light directly or as a separate attachment. They do not use your apartment’s electricity. Although backup generators are installed in Cloud Tower-1 to ensure the convenience of their residents.

6. Fire & Smoke detection System

In order to detect smoke and fire, sensors are installed in each corner of a building. These alarms are interconnected to the fire extinguisher system, which activates automatically after the fire/smoke detection. This system installation saves individuals and saves the building from major damage.

7. Rain Water and Day Light Harvesting

Cloud Tower-1 introduces Light Harvesting, for which 80 percent of the building’s outer structure is made of glass to maximize sunlight usage. Each apartment’s one bedroom’s window is entirely made of glass, and a 42-foot window is designed in the passageway. For rain water harvesting, separate tanks are planned in which rain water is collected and then treated to make it suitable for use.

8. Fiber Connectivity and In-Building Solutions

This residential building in Pakistan has implemented an in-building solution for better mobile coverage for the first time. None of our residents will experience an issue with internet connection or mobile networks. Every apartment will have fiber connectivity.


Cloud Tower-1 is the 6th tallest building in Islamabad, their developers take care of their resident’s needs and provide all the life needing amenities in a building. It spreads over an area of 860,00 sq. ft, including over 14,000 sq. ft. planned for the gym, and 4 floors are reserved for car parking. Cloud Tower-1 features that make it a smart building are mentioned above. So don’t wait, grab your phone and make a call at +92 348 111 5505. Enjoy the beautiful views of Margalla Hills with your family and friends at the rooftop restaurant. The calm environment encourages people to engage in B-17 Islamabad.

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