Beyond Location: factors to consider when buying your dream home

Finding the dream home is an important and crucial journey that goes just beyond the perfect location. Beyond location, no doubt there are many other factors to consider while making one of the most significant investments of your life. This blog explores the significant elements to look for when buying your dream home, ensuring that it not only fulfil the desire for dream house but also ensure that the long term investment meets all the criteria. If you’re looking for a place to live a luxurious life style, then Cloud Tower-1 will be your perfect choice, developed by us, The Cloud Services. We are committed to provide all the amenities and cater the residents of all ages. 

Following are the factors that need to consider when buying your dream home. 

1. Budget

Before looking for a dream house, it is essential to determine a realistic budget. Analyze and consider the current financial situation like down payment, mortgage payment, taxes, moving cost and also maintenance Cost. Estimation of budget will help to handle the financial stress in the phase of finding the location form dream house. 

2. Layout 

Another important thing to consider is home size and layout. Like what size of the home and layout suits you the best. Factors like how many bedrooms, bathrooms and living space in the house needs to be consider before buying to meet your immediate and future requirements. Well- designed layout and size of home can enhance the look of the home and enhance comfort. In the Cloud Tower-1 different layouts of the 1,2,3 and duplex apartments are available with a terrace and service balcony.

3. Ventilation and natural lightening 

Natural lightening and ventilation can significantly impact the ambience, large windows creates good airflow and a good source of natural lightening, also creates a comfortable living environment. Using a double-glazed argon gas filling glass windows are best to use for the natural lightening that helps to maintain the temperature of a building. 

4. Resale value 

Although you are buying your dream home and are planning to stay in your home but it is necessary to have a resale value to that certain home. For just in case to re-selling it can give you some profit.  As the B-17 Islamabad is the highly developed area and its rates are increasing day by day, in these circumstances investing there will be the perfect decision. And our project Cloud Tower-1 is in a pre-launch phase,  high increment of the resale amount is expected 

5. Energy efficiency and sustainability

Now a days, builders are incorporating eco-friendly features bot only to reduce the carbon footprints but also to cut down the utility costs. Consider properties with energy-efficient appliances, insulation and sustainable building materials.

6. Amenities and accessibility

Beyond everything may be your certain home has perfect location, resale value proper construction but it is important to have amenities and accessibility that will enrich your daily life like access to mosque, gym, parks, schools, hospital etc. furthermore, evaluate accessibility to transportation networks for the ease of commuting and connectivity.  In Cloud Tower-1 all the basic need amenities are available, for more information about amenities visit: 

7. Lifestyle and future needs 

A home that accommodate your current and future needs will ensure you won’t outgrow it quickly, saving you from moving again soon. 

8. Neighborhood and community 

Research the neighborhood thoroughly to understand the environment and safety, dynamics, and overall experience.  Welcoming community can foster a sense of belonging and support. 

9. Age of property 

If you are thinking of buying an old property, it is your responsibility to check or ask to dealer or broker, to know the age of the property and when will it require the re-construction. So you don’t need to invest in the home where renovation is needed in about a year. 

10. Positivity

Lastly, trust your instincts and emotions while considering to buy home. It is a dream house should evoke the positive feelings and align with your personal preferences.

Buying a dream home is a big decision, and there are many factors to consider. In this blog, we discussed most important factors to think about, including budget, layout, ventilation and natural lightening, resale value, energy efficiency and sustainability, amenities and accessibility, lifestyle and future needs, neighborhood and community, age of property, and positivity.

If you are looking for a luxurious and well-appointed home that meets all of these criteria, then Cloud Tower-1 is the perfect choice for you. Cloud Tower-1 is a 27-storey high rise residential building located in the heart of Margalla Hills in B-17 area of Islamabad. It offers a variety of spacious and stylish apartments, as well as a host of amenities that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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